The significance of a Flexographic Printing Machine lies in its ability to
efficiently produce high-quality prints on diverse substrates at high speeds.
It is widely used in the packaging industry, offering cost-effective solutions
for large print runs. Flexo printing’s adaptability to various materials, such
as plastics and foils, makes it crucial for producing labels, packaging, and
other items. Additionally, its environmentally friendly water-based inks
contribute to sustainable printing practices


Semi-Servo – Infeed, Outfeed, Main Motor & Trim Rewinding Servo Comtrolled


Full Servo ELS Machine – with Single servo on each Impression Cylinder of the Printing Stations


Full Servo with Auto Registration, ELS Machine with Double Servo on Plate and Impression Cylinder of the Printing Stations



• Pneumatic unwind shaft with pneumatic loading system to take maximum size reels into the machine and for quick loading and setting.
• Electronic Web-aligner and pneumatic controlled splice table.
• Servo controlled infeed for perfect registration

Processing Unit

• 3 cylinder die cutting station to enable proper die cutting on front of back of the web.
• Snow Ball matrix Rewind System to remove the matrix online.
• 3 station die cut unit interchangeable to perforation,nipping etc.
• Hydraulic Pressure dial indicator to maintain even pressure on both sides.


Motorised rewinding unit synchronised with the
main drive for auto tension control.
• Pneumatic shaft and reel loading system.


• FEED UNWIND STATION : Feeding substrate into the press at a pre-defined tension, constantly even as the diameter of the roll changes. The unwind system should have automatic web guides, Electronic Brake and options for web cleaning and Corona treaters, servo controlled Infeed for substrates.
• CORONA TREATER : A corona treating system is designed to increase the surface energy of plastic films, foils and paper in order to allow improved wettability and adhesion of inks, coatings and adhesives. As a result, the materials treated will demonstrate improved printing and coating quality, and stronger lamination strength.
• DELAM-RELAM : It’s a unit that allows the separation of adhesive paper from the siliconate so that it’s printed on the glue side and then re-cupled.
• WEB CLEANER : By removing the contamination that is an inevitable by product of high-speed webs, effective web cleaning systems increase productivity by reducing maintenance down-
time and minimizing waste caused by sub-quality product.
• PRINTING STATION : The print station needs to provide a smooth & stable drive to ensure the printed image is clean &am ; vibration free. The basic Flexo systems includes an Ink stor-
age tank, one or more fountain metering rolls, doctor blade, Anilox Roller, Plate Cylinder & Impression Cylinder.
• DRYING STATION : Each colour should be dry before the next is applied to the substrate. The drying section might include a combination of Infrared & Hot Air Drying or UV/LED curing or
both systems.

• DIE CUTTING & CONVERTING : On a narrow web Presses sunstrates can be cut, creased, Foiled, Stamped, Embossed, perforated all in line in the same operation as printing with these die utting units.
• OUTFEED & REWIND : The output section maintains tension as the substrate leaves the printing press, by means of tension control sensors. Waste products are rewound out of the system and the final products are rewound into large rolls for later inspection.
• CHIILING UNIT & CHILLER ROLLERS : Twith a growing use of ever thinner synthetic and unsupported films there is a need to control the web temperature to ensure the substrate remains stable throughout the press and does not shrinks. The addition of chill rollers provide thatcontrol.
• TURNBAR : Ideal for Flexo Printers that want to print on the web face then turn the web over for printing on the reverse side of the material.
• ONLINE WEB VIDEO INSPECTION CAMERA : Web Video inspection camera is provided for online inspection of the registration of the printing running at High Speed. Web Video Monitoring System examine your print easily, quickly, and efficiently, even at the highest web speeds.
• COLD FOILING AND LAMINATION : Unit for laminating and cold foil stamping by applying adhesive and affixing the printed film on the substrate. The unit can also be used for self- adhesive laminating or laminating by applying adhesive.

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