Introducing the STACK TYPE/TOWER TYPE FLEXO PRINTING MACHINE – ICH STS, a cutting-edge solution for your printing needs. With a maximum working width of 48 inches and a robust 45mm heavy-duty steel frame, this machine ensures reliability and durability. Equipped with advanced features such as a Hot Air Drier System and U.V Drier System, it guarantees top-notch print quality and efficient drying. The tool-less operation and servo drive enable easy setup and precise control over variable print repeats from 12 to 28 inches. With its motorized rewinding capability and cold foil station, it offers enhanced functionality and versatility. Operating at a design speed of 120 meters per minute, it ensures high productivity while requiring only 380-420 volts three-phase power, making it a cost-effective and efficient choice for your printing

Key Features

  • Working Width: Up to 48 inches
  • Frame: Heavy-duty 45 mm Steel Frame
  • Drying Systems:
    • Hot Air Drier System
    • U.V Drier System
  • Operation: Tool-less Operation for Easy Handling
  • Unwind Diameter: 1050 mm
  • Variable Print Repeat: 12 inches to 28 inches
  • Rewind Diameter: 1050 mm
  • Drive System: Servo Drive for Precision Control
  • Material Compatibility: Supports 12 Micron Film to 300 GSM Paper
  • Speed: Designed for 120 meters per minute
  • Drive Mechanism: Equipped with an Imported Gear Box Drive
  • Anilox Roller: Ceramic Anilox Roller for High-Quality Printing
  • Guidance System: Advanced Web Guide System for Accurate Alignment
  • Special Features:
    • Cold Foil Station for Specialized Printing Needs
    • Electronic Brake with Load Cell Feedback for Controlled Operation
  • Power Requirement: 380 — 420 Volt Three-phase
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