WEBTECH presents its cutting-edge Automatic Simplex Sheet Cutting Machine, designed for precision horizontal and vertical cutting of various paper rolls including chrome paper, coated paper, kraft paper, and other high-end packaging materials. Ideal for the paper-making and paper processing industry, this high-speed Roll to Sheet Cutting Machine ensures unparalleled precision and maximum productivity.


  • Servo Precision Cutting: High-speed reel to sheet cutting machine with servo motor for precise and efficient cutting.
  • High Precision Length Control: Utilizes double servo motors for precise length control, ensuring accuracy and consistency.
  • Frequency Converter Timing Device: Ensures precise timing and synchronization of cutting operations.
  • Automatic Sheet Counting: Integrated automatic sheet counting feature for efficient production monitoring.
  • Alarm Stop Function: Automatically stops operation in case of alarms or errors, ensuring safety and preventing damage.
  • Print to Cut Capability: Enables seamless integration with printing processes for precise cutting alignment.
  • Electronic Brake: Equipped with an electronic brake system for rapid stopping and control.
  • Heavy-Duty Frame: Sturdy frame design minimizes vibrations, ensuring stability and precision during operation.
  • CNC Boring for Perfect Alignment: Utilizes CNC machining center for precise bore alignment, enhancing overall performance and reliability.


  • Infeed:
    • Draw Roller: Hard chrome plating and rubber nip roller with adjustable pressure.
  • Sheeting Unit:
    • Heavy-duty solid construction dead & fly knife for scissor cut with squareness control.
    • Top & Bottom Conveyor for smooth sheet conveyance up to the delivery table.
  • Shearing Unit (Length Cutting):
    • Maximum Width: Up to 60 inches
    • Cutting Designed Speed: Up to 1270 mm (50 inches)
    • Maximum Cutting Length: 1270 mm (50 inches)
    • Cutting Width: 1270 mm
    • Gross Weight: Approximately 5 tons
    • Paper GSM Max.: 450 gsm
    • Paper GSM Min.: 50 gsm
    • Maximum Jumbo Roll Diameter: 1270 mm
    • Dimensions: 18.5 ft. * 6.5 ft. * 5 ft.
    • Speed: 100 Meters/Min.
    • Number of Unwind Stations: Up to 4
    • Print to Cut Sensors: Included for precise cutting alignment.
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