The Simplex Slitting Rewinding Machine is designed to provide efficient and precise reel-to-reel slitting and rewinding operations. Its robust construction and advanced features ensure smooth performance and high productivity.

Technical Specifications

  • Working Width: 1000-1500 mm
  • Max. Diameter Of Stock Roll: 1250 mm
  • Max. Diameter Of Rewind Roll: 1000 mm
  • Min. Slitting Width: 200 mm
  • Speed: 100 to up to 300 meters/min
  • Bow Roller: Yes (For perfect separations of Rolls)

Key Features

  • Automatic Web Tension Control: Through dancing roller and brake drum for consistent operation.
  • Unwind Shaft: Equipped with two cones, one arranged on threaded bush to accommodate stock reels with cores of 76-mm hole diameter.
  • Axial Adjustment Control: Allows for easy adjustment of the unwind shaft from the operating position using a handwheel.
  • Hard Chrome Plated Guide Rollers: Ensure smooth web movement and accurate slitting.
  • Slitting Unit: Includes one pair of cutter shafts on ball bearings and four sets of male & female cutters for precise and clean slitting.
  • Rewind Unit: Supports vertical winding of the slit rolls.
  • Tension Adjustment: Enables precise control of winding tension.
  • Expanding Rewind Shaft: Accommodates cores of 76 mm diameter.
  • Variable Speed Electric Drives: Equipped with a 10 HP AC Motor for precise speed control and efficient operation.
  • Banana Bow Roller: Helps in wrinkle removal and ensures smooth slit separation.
  • Electro Electronic Web Guide Unit: Ensures accurate alignment of the web on the run, equipped with a Servo and Touch Screen (BST / E+L / Fife make).
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